Adjusting Ninjas – Murdoch

Adjusting Ninjas – Murdoch

Adjusting Ninjas is a collaborative community dedicated to evolving the art of chiropractic. The purpose of Adjusting Ninjas (AN) is to provide a comprehensive training program that is effective, efficient, and sustainable for chiropractors and chiropractic students as they develop mentally, physically, and spiritually in the art of chiropractic.

ON CAMPUS TRAINING – twice weekly
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26th Feb – 8th March
25th June – 8th July
Private message Bec Riches (5th yr) or Jamie Woodman (4th yr) to find out more!

The Adjusting Ninjas training program is made up of 6 Modules covering 6 different areas of the spine and sustainable movement progressions for each module. These increase in intensity and each run for 4 weeks.

Effective. Efficient. Sustainable.

¬ Effective:
• We want to make sure that what we intend to do is what actually happens. We train specific techniques and drills to build effectiveness in all our adjustments and movement practices. AN offers opportunities for refinement and repetition of body movements and psychomotor skills required to produce an effective HVLA thrust, without multiple forces being delivered to another persons body.

¬ Efficient:
• We want to make sure that when we do what we intend to do, we do it in the most energy efficient and resourceful way possible. Part of our training is to build power and strength using our whole muscle chains in an integrated way that allows maximum output for minimum input.

¬ Sustainable:
• We want to make sure that we can do what we love for our entire career. A huge emphasis of the training is on building sustainable movement practices to prevent injury and strain on our own bodies. We focus on building strength, stability, and mobility where it is needed. In school, there isn’t enough of a focus on this ‘prehab’ training for injury prevention. Injury rates of Chiropractors is way too high and can be prevented with proper training that is specific to what we do.

We train so that when we step into the office it isn’t ‘practice’ – we have already practiced! We treat adjusting hours like game time, we show up ready to serve, we’ve put in the training and we are ready to win.


“We wake up in the morning to train. We train to be highly skilled, but also highly present. We show up regardless of midterms or fatigue because we recognize that life will throw obstacles in our path. When they arise, we will know that we have trained our ability to be present and centered for our patients. We show up for the people we train with, we train for the people we will serve.” – Mandy Chan, AN Facilitator. Life West University.

As part of our commitment to ourselves and our training, we show up to train no matter what is going on in our lives. This level of accountability is designed to train the resilience and commitment that mimics real life – in practice when you have patients booked, you need to show up and serve at your highest capacity no matter what is happening externally in your life. For this reason, tiredness, late nights, fatigue etc. are the perfect opportunities for us to step up and train this skill. We also show up to honor the commitment everyone makes to train together.

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