Clubs and Socs Day

Clubs and socs

If you enjoyed Festival Day, then you’ll love Clubs and Societies Day.
Murdoch Clubs come together to showcase what they are all about, so it’s your chance to meet students with similar interests.

The Murdoch Guild invites you to celebrate and reward all our 120 Clubs and Socs in April 2019 (Date TBC)
This day will be a perfect chance for you to ‘meet and greet’ loads of clubs and societies, who are eager to get you involved.

Registrations for Clubs & Socs are now closed until 2019.

Remember you must register your club with The Murdoch Guild to attend Clubs and Societies Day!

If you are a University department or external organisation and would like to get involved in Clubs and Socs day, contact

Hope to see you there!