Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF)


The Student Services and Amenities Fee is a Federal Government mandated fee to help fund student services at Australian universities. Every Murdoch student has to pay the SSAF each semester in some capacity, the amount they pay varies depending on study load and what campus attended. The SSAF is the primary source of funding for the Guild as well as for University run services on campus like Health and Counseling.

Where do I pay it?

Commonwealth supported students can defer their SSAF payment through MyInfo as part of their enrollment steps, similar to how they defer their course fees. International students and full fee paying students will need to pay manually through the Fees page on MyInfo. If you’re still struggling, take a ticket in the student centre and ask them about it. If you’re really lazy and don’t pay it, the University will invoice you at the end of semester, holding your results to ransom until you pay.

What is it spent on?

This piechart illustrates broadly the spending breakdown. More detailed information can be obtained through the Guild President by request. image_ScreenShot20140616at12.38.41pm-2

How can I find out more?

For more information about the SSAF please visit the University website.