Guild Elections

The Guild Elections 

The Guild Elections are held in second semester (September) each year to elect the Murdoch Guild of Students Council. This includes the Guild Executive, Faculty Representatives, Guild Councillors & Department Officers for the following year (December 1st – November 30). When voting opens, it will be online via the Murdoch university website.

All enrolled students who are Guild members are eligible to run for most of the positions, with only some positions having further requirements. All students are entitled to vote in elections. Nominations are open until Monday 16 October and can be made by using this form.

Voting for the 2019/20 council is now closed.



Position Elected Ticket Stupol Experience
Guild President Jethro Schoeman Growth EVP 2018, 2019
Education VP Fredrick Chewe Chisanga Growth
General Secretary Kombo Mashuma Growth President 2018, 2019
Murdoch Post Grad Student Association [MUPSA] President Vanilla Goani
MUPSA VP Coursework Samuel Zhong
MUPSA VP Research Muhammad Adeel  
MISA President Baseerat Teo MISA President 2019
Sustainability Officer  David Ugrinov
External Representative  Vacant
Disability Representative  Kit Sanders  
Queer Representative  Cody Evans
Indigenous Representative  Jesse Bellotti
Women’s Representative  Kate Keily


Guild President is the official spokesperson and chief executive of the Guild of Students, represents the Guild and the student body both within the University and to external organisations, and is responsible for Guild operations. This position is full time and paid. This role is also an ex-officio member of Academic Council.

Education Vice President is a spokesperson on education issues, assists the Guild President, chairs the Guild Education Council, and coordinates the work of the student representatives within the University. This position is full time and paid. This role is also an ex-officio member of Academic Council and a member of the Learning and Teaching Committee.

General Secretary ensures the proper running of the Guild’s Committees and the decision-making bodies of it’s three subsidiary associations. This position works very closely with the Guild President and Education Vice President on policy and the day to day affairs of the Guild. Guild Councillors meet regularly to discuss Guild policy, major issues and areas of student concern. This role is part-time, paid and an ex-officio member of Academic Council.