This is the team currently serving Guild Council. Their term expires 30/11/18.

Voting for the next council will open in October 2018. Any vacant position marked as currently vacant will remain so for the current term until elections are held again. 


Position Office Bearer
President Kombo Mashumba
Education Vice President Jethro Schoeman
General Secretary Loic Munso
Murdoch International Student Association President

Nelson Makuvare

Murdoch Postgraduate Student Association President Alex Moertzsch
Mandurah Student Association President Position Vacant
Social Justice Officer Position Vacant
Women’s Representative Yakira Venagiam
Queer Representative Gabrielle Hart
Indigenous Representative Jordan Barham-Shepherd
Disability Representative Elisha Rayner
External Representative Felix Rosario
Sustainability Representative Rosie Scott
Ordinary Guild Councillor Charlene Baniqued
Ordinary Guild Councillor Brice Gower
Ordinary Guild Councillor Lucy Stronach
Ordinary Guild Councillor Vlad Bychkov
Ordinary Guild Councillor Sabreen Zia
Ordinary Guild Councillor Samuel Dib

Guild Elections are usually held in September for the following term, starting December the 1st.

Student Associations

Murdoch International Student Association (MISA) MISA are the representative body of international students studying at Murdoch. Providing support, social events and networking opportunities, MISA takes care of all international students on campus. Murdoch University Postgraduate Student Association (MUPSA) Run by postgrads, for postgrads MUPSA provide entertainment and support for all postgraduates attending Murdoch. Mandurah Student Association (MSA) The Mandurah Student Association represents Students studying at Murdoch’s Mandurah campus. They provide social activities and advocate for Mandurah students to The Guild and the University. 


Murdoch Queer Collective The Murdoch Queer Collective is a group of students who identify or support those under the ‘Queer’ umbrella term or as a part of the LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Intersex) banner. The Queer Collective are a social group that hosts BBQ’s, movie nights and off campus adventures as well as campaigning for the political, economic and social interests of Queer persons, both here in Australia and around the world. Facebook Page Murdoch Women’s Collective The Women’s Collective is comprised of Female identifying Murdoch students who meet to discuss women’s specific issues on campus. We welcome all women regardless of race, religion and cultural background in order to promote a diverse range of discussions. To get involved, join the Facebook group. Council is currently awaiting the nomination of a representative from the collective to sit on Council. Facebook Page Facebook Group

Council Initiatives

Murdoch Education Action Network (MEAN) The Murdoch Education Action Network is based at Murdoch University and fights for the rights and wellbeing of tertiary students. Backed by The Guild, MEAN allows students to organise and protest shabby treatment university students receive at a campus and national level. Public Facebook Group Murdoch University Sustainability Team (MUST) Murdoch has a long and proud history of sustainability and environmentalism which can be seen through the many student clubs around these causes on campus. MUST help co-ordinate these groups and represent their interests on Guild Council and when lobbying the university. Facebook Page