About MSEL

The Murdoch Guild and Murdoch University want to encourage and support students to become engaged in the WA community and actively work on their career development as they undertake their academic studies. For this reason, the Volunteering Hub and the Careers and Employment Centre have worked closely together to create the Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders (MSEL) program.

MSEL is a free, project-based leadership program for Murdoch University students. It sees MSEL students work together in interdisciplinary teams of three or five to complete projects for local not-for-profit community partners. Students attend a leadership camp at the start of the program and further provides students with hands-on workshop experience, leadership talks and access to the expertise of industry and MSEL alumni mentors along the way.

Our Mission

To improve student employability after graduation by providing practical experience and education through an emerging leadership and mentoring program that increases student engagement in community development and volunteering activities.

Our Vision

To empower Murdoch University students to engage the community and workplace as leaders.


We unite: Understanding the value in cooperation and seeking to work collaboratively while embracing diversity and differences.

We tell it like it is: Acting with honesty while in consideration of others and without compromising on the truth.

We empower and drive: Looking beyond ourselves and aiming to build and encourage those around us.

We care: Looking out for the wider community around us and understanding that we are interconnected.

We see things through: Taking ownership of our work and making a commitment to deliver what we promise and meet expectations.

We use the best to deliver the best: Innovating and drawing on the latest information and research to make a real positive impact.

We step up for others: Upholding professionalism and respect for others in all that we do.