July Report

• How did associations/collectives go with acquiring business cards? • I was contacted by a student who wanted to increase the library opening hours. After getting the go ahead from executive to assist this student in their petition as well as informing council on our group page, I then went onto create a formstack application […]

June Report

Due to exams this report is a “short chapter”. University has approved paint colours for the clubs room. The MCU bookcase and all other club assets have been removed. Should be able to make a start on renovations once exams are over during the semester break. Held a grants sitting and various club grants were […]

May Report

• Clubs and Societies debrief: I would like to thank all that helped out to make the day the success it was. I appreciate all council’s efforts but would like to acknowledge Troy and Megs who went above and beyond their call of duty in picking up shifts. I’d also like to acknowledge MESS for […]

April Report

• I have held a grants approval session since the last meeting and various clubs had grants approved/part approved/denied. • Involved in EBA negotiations for staff. • Clubs and Societies room renovation; the walls of the clubs room were cleaned however it was later brought to my attention that we needed permission to paint the […]